PUBG Mobile has announced its latest vehicle-based collaboration with the supercar icon Bugatti. Quite possibly one of the worst vehicle choices for rough terrain but let’s roll with it, you can hop in one of these rockets on wheels and rip up the battlefield until April 30th.

PUBG Mobile is touting its crossover as bringing two of the most “exclusive” supercars to the game, and by exclusive they mean ridiculously expensive. It’s probably a fair statement that most of us will never be able to drive a Bugatti, and fewer still who can do so under fire, so why not strap in and enjoy the experience while it lasts?

The first car to grace the field is the Bugati 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, one of the fastest and most powerful production roadsters in the world, when you jump in one of these you may actually be able to outrun the bullets your noisy contraption will attract. You will be able to control the world record-setting 408.84km/h behemoth and speed to victory.

Alongside the Grand Sport is the significantly less fast sounded Bugatti La Voiture Noire, if you are looking for style over face-melting speed. Made as a homage to the long-lost Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic to celebrate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, there is only one model of this car in existence, so just the ability to experience this genuine one-in-a-lifetime automobile is worth giving PUBG Mobile a download.

Discussing their choice of manufacturer, the Head of PUBG Mobile Publishing, Vincent Wang, said “PUBG MOBILE always looks for cutting-edge partners to give players the most incredible experiences.”

“For over 110 years Bugatti has created some of the most sought-after, powerful and iconic vehicles in the world and continues to lead in their field of automotive design. We’re very excited to bring Bugatti’s top-end and highly exclusive supercars into PUBG MOBILE for players to enjoy as they tear up the battlegrounds.”

To embrace the beauty and endearing ridiculousness of this collab, download PUBG Mobile now on Google Play and App Store.

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