PUBG Mobile Lite, the streamlined version of the popular battle royale that's designed to run on less powerful devices, is currently celebrating its first anniversary, so the in-game lobby and Spawn Island have both been decorated accordingly. It also means map updates, weapons and more.

In today's 0.18.0 update adds an ancient to the existing map Varenga. This will be found in the Northwest side of the map, so you can expect players to be dropping there for a while to check it out. Elsewhere the tunnels under the Southern mountain range have been opened up to reveal an explorable hall. There also cable cars now so you can traverse the map from above.

Two weapons have also been updated with the latest content influx. First up there's the P90 submachine gun which can only be used in the Arena. Meanwhile, for Classic Mode players will now be able to find the MP5K submachine gun.

A few quality of life changes has also been implemented with players now able to vault and slide in Arena. Sub-machine guns can now have the same attachments as pistols whilst the M16 can now receive Stock attachments.

The Daily Mission System has also been reformatted and Popularity rankings have been added to player stats. On top of that, players can now send gifts to personal space. Finally, several display improvements have also been made so all of the menus look a tad prettier.

PUBG Mobile Lite is available now over on Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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