For the past six years, PUBG Mobile has been one of the most popular shooters you can play in the palm of your hand, and Krafton is celebrating this milestone and many years of ups by teaming up with hit music man JVKE to create a special song for the occasion.

The result of this collaboration of champions is titled clouds, without capitalisation, I presume to provoke the rage you get from being spawn camped in the game. It serves as both JVKE’s new single and the theme for PUBG Mobile’s sixth anniversary, although it is oddly a quiet, slower-paced tune than you'd picture from a shooter.

That being said, my knowledge of music probably isn't at the same level as JVKE. The American singer-songwriter catapulted to global fame thanks to their viral hit, Golden Hour, racking up an eye-watering one billion streams on Spotify. Over the past four years, he has notched up the hits, including Upside Down and this is what falling in love feels like, and now brings his talents to PUBG Mobile.

Whether or not you love the tempo, we can all agree the clouds music video manages to capture quite a few aspects of the legendary game, including the ever-important dance numbers, that illusive chicken dinner, the fleet of vehicles, and the popular Prop Hunt that allows everyone to channel that urge to smash everything for good use.

As well as a new theme tune, PUBG Mobile continues to hold its Anniversary Celebration event so fans can get involved with it. Far from the usual blowing each other kneecaps off, players will be joining forces to collectively create a special anniversary cake by completing tasks and unlocking milestone rewards. Hopefully, this results in cake guns.

PUBG Mobile is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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