PUBG Mobile is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a bumper update for Version 2.5. This update will be bringing new areas, new items, updates to some existing roles, and a whole new massive build mode which is not what will immediately spring to mind.

Not quite the build mode you are thinking of, where you fire one shot and suddenly the Taj Mahal springs up in front of you, PUBGs build mode will put the power in the player's hands and allow them to create their own playgrounds based on the existing game maps. To get a better idea, this World of Wonder expansion will launch in beta on March 16th with a whole bunch of new maps and modes to try.

If you like the look of these new worlds, you can apply to become a creator yourself and gain access to the editing features. To begin with, there will be four maps to play with; Bird’s Perch, Coral Reef, Jade Realm, and Erangel itself. To begin with, try simply decorating the landscapes and skies with your own buildings and materials, before going deeper and setting your own game parameters to create your own unique mechanics.

In other news, the Imagiversary multi-map makeover will also be kicking off, with players having the chance to head to two new Imagination Plazas in Erangel to compete for a large crate for some supply rewards or avoid the dogpile and head to the ten smallerImagination Districts. You can also try four new items, including the Block Cover to deflect enemy fire or obstructive bridge crossings, and the Dual-Purpose Cannon which can send throwables flying, or even more importantly players themselves.

Version 2.5 also brings with it a new heavy-duty vehicle for the Payload mode, as well as new consumables and game-aiding reward mechanics in Metro Royale. The upcoming Cycle 4 Season 11 and Royale Pass Month 21 will also be dropping soon and bringing additional new content, rewards, and cosmetics.

To get some practice in before the new mode drops, download PUBG Mobile now from the App Store and Google Play.

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