Making money out of games has been a long-held dream for many a gamer but it's ultimately difficult to achieve, but PUBG Mobile is making it a little more achievable by announcing their upcoming 2022 PUBG MOBILE Club Open. The open is available to register until 9th October, with qualifiers due to start on October 13th.

The first thing many players are thinking is that these competitions are usually for professionals or those in the top part of the leaderboard, it won't really be an “open” competition. In the past this would sadly be true, however, Krafton has announced for the first time the prerequisite for entry has been lowered and any player ranked Silver or above can sign up by filling out an application in-game.

The PUBG Mobile Club Open, or the PMCO, will be played in two competitions; the PMCO Spring and the PMCO Fall. There is a total prize pool of $600,000 split between both of these, which even halved is a very tantalizing prospect to sign up for and will see teams from 170 countries battling it out for the prize.

After registration closes on 9th October, the European qualifiers will commence between the 13th and the 19th. All other regions will be fighting it out between the 17th and 23rd. Successfully qualifying teams will then move onto one of the six PMCOs; North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Whilst winning the money would be a very nice bonus, the PMCOs will also be serving as a qualifier for the 2022 PUBG MOBILE National Championship and the PMNC Regional Cups. These two will then seed teams into the PMPL for the 2023 season. Anyone who enters will certainly have a lot to play for.

PUBC MOBILE is available to download free from the App Store and Google Play.

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