Miramar was the second map that was added to PUBG Mobile. Initially, the large 8x8 desert did not go down well with players with several avoiding the large battlefield altogether. Unlike Erangel, Miramar is very wide and spread out with fewer places to hide.

Interestingly, the map does not have many vehicle spawns, making it difficult to quickly travel across it. It is very likely that while you gear yourself up, the safe zone will start shrinking.

To avoid getting caught by the zone, you need to pick a spot that is not too far from the centre. But at the same time, avoid dropping right in the middle. It can be difficult to decide where to land, so we've made this list to help you out. Each entry takes location, available loot, and strategy into account.

Top 5 drop locations in Miramar PUBG Mobile

1. Hacienda del Patrón

Hacienda del Patron tops the list because of loot, location, and action. If you are a pro, action-seeker, or aggressive player, this is the place to land. Compared to San Martin, this is a tiny place, but you and your squad can gear up well here.

Obviously, Hacienda attracts a lot of visitors. It’s so popular that players make their way here even if it’s not on the flight path. If you manage to get out alive, you are all set for the game.

2. Los Leones

One look at Los Leones and you'll notice it’s the biggest city in Miramar. Obviously, the buildings offer plenty of cover and enough time to gather gear. Los Leones attracts a lot of players. But if you take a stealthy approach, you might escape the early gunfights.

If you prefer to camp, you can land on the edges of Los Leones since the warehouses have sufficient loot to prep you for the city itself.

3. Casino at Pecado

The Pecado Casino has high-quality loot and gear. It’s a huge building that has weapons and armour littered everywhere. Due to its central location, it’s almost always on the plane's flight path. But, as you might have guessed, the Casino entices quite a large crowd of players.

If you are used to some early action in the game, this is the right spot. The nearby Pecando is always bustling with action, so expect to start fighting the moment you grab a gun.

4. Ladrilleria

Not many players land on Ladrilleria (maybe it’s due to the difficult name). Typically, this place offers a decent, peaceful looting experience. Depending on your luck, you may get an M416 while other times, you might end up with a regular gun and armour.

If you are a stealthy player or camper, Ladrilleria is a good spot for start. The nearby towns and warehouses can also be looted for more equipment.

5. Minas Generales

Campers, beginners, and passive players alike will absolutely love this spot. Hacienda and Pecado steal all the attention from Minas Generales. So, you can usually loot her quite peacefully. Since there are quite a few buildings here, there’s a lot of loot spread across the floors.

Newbie squads can jump in here too to get geared up. The nearby Graveyard can be scanned for additional items. Then, for action, you can move towards Pecando or Hacienda.

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