DogBox Studio and Bulkypix's upcoming third-person shooter, Project: Holy Shield has gotten a name upgrade. Now titled Journey To Hell, the game's original tagline, it's looking to be a pretty sweet game with plenty of gritty, comic-book style visuals and an original soundtrack. It's due in November. The developers have also released a dev diary video onto YouTube, where you can see all the cool game creation going on. Check it out:

This November, discover Journey to Hell, a post-apocalyptic TPS with incredible 3D graphics and gripping content. Seven maps, each with their own special atmosphere, plus a unique “real-time render” sound engine developed by AudioGaming and a soundtrack composed especially for the game are only a few of Journey to Hell’s many cool features.

Playing as Gabriel and Rachel, two members of the secret organization Holy Shield, you’ll behead, dismember and disembowel daemons as varied as they are terrifying! When the carnage is over, they’ll surely beat a hasty return to the festering darkness from whence they came.

With plenty of clichés and elements of parody, Project: Holy Shield pays tribute to the genre of big guns, kick-ass heroes and bloodthirsty daemons.

Prior the game's release in the App Store, DogBox has opened its studio doors via a behind-the-scenes "making of the game" video:

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