CD Projekt Red has announced it will be releasing an expansion set for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on 8th June. It’s called Price of Power and will be available on all platforms.

Gwent has released new card sets before, but this will be the first time an expansion set is released for the card game based on The Witcher series. Price of Power includes three expansions, each one introducing new cards and mechanics to the game, with each expansion being released in waves over a short period of time.

The first entry to Price of Power is called Once Upon a Pyre which will arrive on 8th June. It adds 26 new cards to the game, four of different rarities per faction and two neutrals. The associated update will also bring in new gameplay mechanics and abilities to give you new strategies to use in battle.

If you want to see some footage of Once Upon a Pyre, you can watch the official teaser below for some snippets.

As the release of Gwent’s first expansion set beckons closer, CD Projekt Red is giving you the chance to take advantage of a special time-limited offer. You’ll be able to grab the Price of Power Expansion Pass, which includes Once Upon a Pyre and the two remaining expansions, with a selection of cards becoming available with each respective release.

The Pyre coin is also included with this offer, and is available to you right after buying the Expansion Pass. More information about this can be found from the in-game store or the official website.

Once Upon a Pyre is out on 8th June, and Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is available to download now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. It is a free to play game with in-app purchases.

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