I am, and forever will be, adamant that silly ideas are necessary and hilarious, and Devsisters USA is almost ready to lean right into this with their first web series kicking off next week. Twelve brave characters from CookieRun will be coming together in the ultimate survival experience in Last Cookie Standing.

After two weeks of build-up, during which Devsisters released three brilliant cast reveal videos on their YouTube channel that you certainly should check out, it is almost time for the main event. Characters such as Tea Knight Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie and Espresso Cookie will all be marooned on Tropical Soda Island to compete for 1,000,000 crystals.

Each of these brave heroes will be battling it out over 21 gruelling days, during which they will undertake a series of daunting trials. Alliances will be made and betrayed across the course of the journey, with cookies being voted off one by one by their fellow islandmates, until the final two are subject to the final decision, from a jury of their peers.

Now if you are thinking this is just going to be some scuffed, silly content, well you are right, but it is backed up by some truly talented cast. Famous voices from such properties as Genshin Impact, Demon Slayer, Persona 5 and Nier Reincarnation will all be lending their skills to make this a series to remember.

Devsisters USAs Creative Director, Jenn Wu, said: “Last Cookie Standing is a testament to our small but passionate team's boundless creativity and dedication to our fans. This project is more than just a series; it’s a significant accomplishment, the beginning of an innovative, creative journey, and a showcase of our limitless potential."

Adding to this, the series’ Producer, Director, Co-Writer and weirdo extraordinaire Viet commented: “Last Cookie Standing is all about giving our fans an opportunity to get to know our Cookies more and have fun with the IP along the way!”

“With character interactions you wouldn't normally experience in the game and some easter eggs sprinkled throughout, we hope the viewers will enjoy this "bite-sized" web series of CookieRun: Kingdom.” said Vi Viet, Producer, Director, and Co-Writer of ‘Last Cookie Standing.’

Make sure you don’t miss out on Last Cookie Standing as it debuts November 8th.

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