NetEase has announced the release of the latest major update for its open-world survival, LifeAfter. Season six has been dubbed Infection Rebirth, and sees survivors heading to Scientia to save some trapped allies, whilst a peculiar mutation appears amongst the Infected.

With the Source Virus sweeping through the wasteland, a new type of enemy appears. The Disorted Infected are vicious threats which will require a lot of strategy to defeat. Luckily, they do have one big weakness players can exploit with the new Counterattack mechanic.

Time this perfectly, and you knock these enemies down, ejecting them from their Disorted state, and leaving them helpless. To assist in mastering this new attack, NetEase has released the Endless Trails mode, which will teach Survivors all manner of essential technical to tackle life in the wasteland.

When you have this new skill under your belt, it is time to tackle the new weekly challenge. The Abyss Forbidden Zone plays host to a roster of both old and new enemies, with some added Disorted abilities, so make sure you have your Counterattacks locked in.

On top of this, the Area Operation systems have undergone a load reduction, providing clearer objectives with recommending stages. You are even able to claim unused daily mission attempts under certain conditions. Finally, reward drops have been significantly adjusted, including changing the drop of a single type of Special Research Material to a level-matching Special Research Material Optional Chest.

If you fancy yourself a teacher or think you could do with a bit of guidance, then the new Budding Plan may be of interest. This is a way to allow players to form a mentor-apprentice relationship to better navigate the wasteland together. The apprentice gets to learn, and the mentor has some fodder to throw to the infected if needed, a win-win.

LifeAfter is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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