Era of Celestials has already taken China by storm, and judging by the 300,000 players that have already pre-registered for its global release, it’s set to do the same across the world after its launch later this year. Now it’s your chance to get in on the action, gain access to exclusive in-game rewards, and get a head start in this already-thriving fantasy MMOARPG.

Set in a world where Celestials and their enemies are battling for the preservation of humanity, Era of Celestials places you in the role of an appointed champion with a class of your choosing. After becoming either a warrior, mage, or archer, the Celestials call upon you to help push back the onslaught of an invading force with the fate of the whole world at stake. Celestial City is under siege and only you can help.

Pre-registering will give you the permanent exclusive title “Pioneer”, alongside other in-game resources worth $20 including 300 rubies, 10 Sprite Leaves, 10 Angelic Essences, 10 Mount Fruits, and 10 Enhance Stones. These will all come in handy when embarking on quests, thwarting enemies, or going head-to-head with others in online PvP.

The global release of Era of Celestials is quickly approaching. Will you join the 300,000 pre-registered players starting off with a tactical advantage? Pre-registration is still open for a limited time.

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