Power Hover guide - Tips and tricks to gather those all-important batteries

Posted by Brittany Vincent on December 10th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Power Hover is a pretty straightforward level-based endless runner in which you have to bring back the stolen power to a village.

Avoiding obstacles and generally surviving can be tricky stuff though! Check out our tips and tricks below to help you survive.

Keep a gentle hand when maneuvering!

It's very simple to over-press the left and right buttons when avoiding the obstacles in front of you - particularly when trying to correct a mistake.

Make sure you're very gentle when doing this so you don't swing all the way into an obstacle with your hoverboard and character, or it's game over.

It can be a little difficult and does take practice, but don't go crazy and you'll be fine.

Take the path of least resistance!

Lives are tough to come by in Power Hover, and the batteries dotting each level can be tempting. But if you need to simply progress through a level it's best to follow the path of least resistence. This way you'll save your lives for when you really need them.

Make battery-only runs!

Try and make a mental note of where the batteries are found in each level so you can grab them on a second pass through. That way you'll get them with ease and not waste lives trying to attempt a difficult maneuver off the cuff.

Got some great tips of your own? Share them in the comments!

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