Populus Run from developer FIFTYTWO is an upcoming endless runner which will be releasing on Apple Arcade this Friday.

While there are already quite a lot of endless runners already available on iOS, this one promises to be a bit more unconventional for the genre. For starters, instead of controlling a single character, you control a small group instead as you run, jump and slide your way through the levels. This assortment of characters is randomised, and looks to be part of the chaotic nature of the gameplay.

Besides that, it’s a standard runner with the usual quirks that genre brings. You’re dodging and evading various hazards such as giant doughnuts, large vehicles and big pinballs. You’ll have to do this while ensuring you’re keeping as many people alive as possible.

Here’s a trailer for Populus Run so you can see some of the chaos involved, as well as a closer look at some of the characters. As you can see, there are even some strange individuals such as a giant sentient strawberry.

Additionally, there also some boss levels to deal with to add some extra challenge to the game. These take the form of giant food items such as burgers and doughnuts. Completing these levels rewards youwith secret characters to unlock and add to your team.

Populus Run, which isn’t related to the iconic Bullfrog game Populous (hey Peter Molyneux, can we get a reboot of that?), is available on Apple Arcade on Friday. Apple Arcade is the premium subscription service for iOS that gives you access to hundreds of exclusive games for a monthly fee of $4.99. For more information on this, check out the official website.

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