Indie developer Alejandro Zielinsky is releasing Poly Vita, a puzzle game with visuals that remind us of Monument Valley, and it’s coming to iOS on 17th March.

Poly Vita will take you on a journey through a variety of different locations, asking you to solve a series of puzzles to help you guide Maya, the protagonist, through her dreams. The main goal of each stage is to build a path linking each of the soul fragments that you find in Maya’s subconscious.

There will be 30 levels to complete, each one providing a good challenge, and is presented from an isometric point of view on a bunch of floating islands. Looking at the trailer for the game which you can see below, it’s easy to make comparisons to the earlier Monument Valley that became the hallmark of premium mobile games at the time it released.

Poly Vita is Zielinsky’s second game to release on the iOS App Store after Pocket Climber, which was a free to play title and a different genre, so it’s nice to see they are branching out a bit in terms of the types of games they put out.

The game also has an original soundtrack which is good news for those who enjoy their puzzle games to have a chill vibe to them. There’s a distinct calmness to the music for Poly Vita which should certainly help you enter the right mindset to solve each of these puzzles. You can hear some of it in the trailer we’ve included above in this article.

Poly Vita will release on the iOS App Store and it is available to pre-order now before its 17th March launch. It will be a paid title costing $3.99.

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