Poly is an endless runner from solo developer Denis Kakacka that's available now for iOS as a free-to-play game. It aims to bring a slight twist to the standard running formula by mixing up what you're actually controlling.

In this particular case, you'll be guiding a bouncy ball through a futuristic tunnel. However, you won't be controlling the ball itself, you'll be moving the world around it. This means you'll be rotating that tunnel around so the ball can bounce between the various floating platforms that litter the stages.

It's certainly a novel concept but how much of a difference it will make to the feel of the game itself remains to be seen. According to the game's developer, it is pretty challenging, with the success rate being reported as hovering around 6%, so if you're looking for a tough endless runner, this might be the one for you.

You'll need good reactions then if you want to accumulate a high enough score to place on the leaderboards, which is where a lot of the replay value in Poly is likely to stem from. Beyond that, you'll be collecting coins that can be exchanged to get a new look for your ball.

However, some of the different cosmetic changes for the ball can also be purchased through IAPs. So there is no pay-to-win here, just different colour variants and one other IAP that will remove ads from the game for $2.99. Poly is available now over on the App Store.

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