After much waiting and excitement, the Pokemon Company and TiMi Studios have finally launched Pokemon Unite on Android and iOS. The game’s 5v5 MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle-Arena) format mixed with the world undoubtedly grabbed a lot of attention.

In Pokemon Unite, players will form a team of five Pokemon and pitch it against the opponent’s team. The team that manages to outscore the other wins.

What does Pokemon Unite look like?

Each match inPokemon Unite has a MOBA element. For each round, a player’s team of Pokemon will attack NPCs (wild Pokemon) and try to conquer their region of the map. As the round progresses, the wild Pokemon get more aggressive and difficult to defeat.

Catching Pokemon nets your team points, which can then be scored in your opponent's goal, which would usually be a tower in another MOBA. Your team will level up and unlock new moves throughout the match. This will help your Pokemon to evolve and become stronger. Additionally, each Pokemon will have a powerful Unite move that could turn the tide of battle.

Pokemon Unite Crossplay

Perhaps one of the best things about Pokemon Unite is the flexible crossplay that it offers. Players can install and play the game on their Android and iOS devices as well as Nintendo Switch. This will significantly reduce the matchmaking time. As the progress will be synced across devices, players can easily access the game anywhere.

Features in Pokemon Unite

Along with the novel gameplay, the game has introduced some amazing features. Players will be able to create Unite Squads, meaning they can team up with their mates. The new in-game events will make it easier to obtain and upgrade items.

The new battle pass is loaded with cosmetic items. Notably, the Holowear range has already become a hit with players. These are effectively skins that see Pokemon roaming the map with a variety of outfits.

Players can now download Pokemon Unite on their devices via Google Play Store and App Store. Pre-registered players will get exclusive rewards.

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