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Posted by Tony Kicks on November 11th, 2009

**UPDATE** Apparently the new iPod touch ring-out system Apple will be trying in it's retail stores this holiday season will also be using the Pogo Sketch Stylus for capturing signatures.

Let's take a brief look back at the epic but short lived war that was started with the "Yuck" heard around the world spoken by Steve himself when he first proclaimed "Nobody wants a stylus." I still remember the mass outcry of horror and disbelief from Palm and Windows Mobile users world over as they prepared to dig into their trenches. I, being a long time Mac addict, was amongst the first to enlist on Apple's side and purchased the original iPhone on 7.11.09 (yes folks, this was pre-app store). The next 5 months consisted of allowing skeptics, wether I was on a plane, at a hockey game, or even in the movies, to sit there and play with my phone as if it were a toy. Quickly the tides turned and by the holiday season of '07, just less than a year since the iPhone was announced, the war was all but over. With every major phone manufacturer announcing or selling their own non-stylus driven touch screen phone the stylus appeared to be dead. And yet here I sit in disbelief as I hold a stylus made for the iPhone…

The Pogo Stylus ($15) made by Ten One Design is specifically designed and built for use on iPhone and iPod Touch displays. Its body is no wider than your average Bic pen, in fact is slightly thinner and is only 3.5" long. Being made of aluminum keeps it light weight while remaining incredibly durable. The tip is made up of a soft spongy material which prevents damaging or leaving marks on the screen.

Wielding the stylus and typing away is just as intuitive as you might imagine, the tip itself is the perfect size to use on the iPhone's keyboard. I was also surprised how well the iPhone sensed the Pogo as it seemed to pick up on even the lightest of touches. This did not hold as true, however, with an iPhone which had a screen protector. While the iPhone still sensed the Pogo it did required a noticeable amount of added pressure. The spongy tip did seem to work itself in though and over time the pressure needed was lessened a bit. The included clip is a nice addition as well which holds the stylus firmly in place on the side of the phone.

The bottom line of course is whether or not something like this is actually useful or necessary for the iPhone. Being a styli war vet I would instinctively yell NO, I can still type way faster with my thumb. But it wouldn't be fair for me to review a product with such haste and prejudice. The truth is I was able to find some very compelling situations one might desire a Pogo. The first being one that any Chicago or cold weather native can relate to, not needing to take off your gloves in the winter. Keeping feeling in your fingers may well be worth the $15 price tag, even if it's only a seasonal accessory. The second situation is for the lovely ladies out there who have given up their beautiful long nails to adopt technology, with this guy you can have the best of both worlds. The third and final situation comes is sketch form. While there are many drawing programs out their for use with your finger, using the Pogo does give you a little bit more control and precision.


In other words if you're cold, miss your manicure, or are a Michelangelo in the making, then this may be just the thing for you. For everyone else save your $15 for some new apps.

Pros: Durable, comes with a clip, great if you're wearing gloves.

Cons: Not necessary, extra thing to carry/lose, $15 for 1

Verdict: Excessive, unless you need it for a very specific reason.

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