Blacksmith Games have been mentioned alot recently in the news because of the Appvent Calendar promotion they organized, where developers have been offering a free game a day until Christmas. In the meantime, Blacksmith have been preparing their much-anticipated, first iphone game "Plushed" for release, and have just announced that it has been officially submitted to Apple. The final trailer was released in conjunction, and can be seen here:

A few months back, Blacksmith Games held a contest where the public would decide the price of Plushed based on the number of new Twitter followers the company could obtain. Besides helping to spread the word about the atttractive game, this promotion ultimately drove the price down to $1.99 from a max of $6.99. Here's what you can expect according to Blacksmith:

What happens when the fairytale world of a cute little girl turns into a cursed kingdom where she is queen? Her favorite plushie sets out to save her, of course. Guiding her loyal plush through several haunted meadows and creepy castles, you must use your wits to bring down the Evil voodoo mouse and his army of wacky minions! It’ simple; get to the castle, save the princess. You’ve seen it before, but not like this. PLUSHED! The adventures of the reluctant bunny knight...

- more than 20 unique and funny characters: Every character has different qualities, which will amaze you. You'll encounter Bunny Knight, Pizzaeater, Batcow, Kubicorn, Lil Red, Schizo Spider, Milk Gunner Fairy and many more
- unique gameplay: Control different items with your finger or by shaking your iPhone to attract enemies, defeat level bosses, to solve tasks and to do many other exciting things
- marvelous story: a typical fairytale? Not in this game
- hand-drawn backgrounds and game assets:The game’s design has a distinct visual style that merges the happy world of childhood fairytales with a somewhat macabre twist and dark humor.
- 3 world bosses that have to be defeated
- 9 extensive and unique levels: Explore the fabulous and adventurous world in PLUSHED!
- 4 minigames for even more fun
- 2 control options
- fancy soundtrack
- This game is designed specifically for the iPhone

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