Play as your favourite characters in the brand new Hello Hero update [Sponsored]

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 11th, 2016
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Hello Hero has recently been updated with the massive Season Five, which adds a brand new fusion system, an updated levelling system, and a higher tier of heroes amongst much more.

Those higher tier heroes are particularly exciting, as they give fans the chance to play as some of their favourite characters in the Hello Hero universe.

To learn more about this brand new update, as well as Hello Hero in general, we reached out to Emilio Villarruel, Global Community Manager at Fincon, to discuss the exciting new features, strategy tips, and what the team would change if they could start over.

What are the most exciting new features released in the latest Hello Hero update?

"We've released a higher tier of Heroes (7*), new items, new game modes, and an updated fusion system.

"The biggest change would probably be the new tier of heroes, as you finally get to see some of the legends of the Hello Hero universe come to life as playable characters."

Which hero is your favourite and why?

"One of my personal favorites is the new Dark Warrior Dylan.

"Hello Hero is a very zany, open world full of stories, and with Dark Warrior Dylan I wrote up a teaser in which he - one of the most popular heroes in the game - became corrupted in his search for power.

"The community loved the idea, so our talented design team was able to transform an off-the-cuff concept into a really awesome character.

Do you have any strategy tips to recommend to us?

"Really take some time to explore all of the characters and get a feel for their niche in your deck.

"In the beginning it may be simple to just go for a specific meta build, but we try to promote different builds and diverse paths to a successful team.

"Knowing what heroes are out there and what they can do is a great start to keeping ahead of the curve."

What's your favourite mode to play and why?

"Boss Raids are a lot of fun. If you've ever seen the poster of the marmalade cat hanging from the clothes-line with the caption, 'hang in there' that's how I feel when I go into battle.

"There's also something oddly satisfying about watching a fully decked out team of demons, demigods, mecha, and more get completely annihilated by a comically giant chicken."

If you could start development from scratch, what would you change?

"Nothing at all. One of my favorite quotes is, “Some things are destined to be - it just takes us a couple of tries to get there.”

"With Hello Hero we've naturally had some bumps in the road, but that's part of the growing process which has made us better as a studio, and in turn better for our fans."

You can check out Hello Hero on iOS, Android, and PC via Facebook.

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