Holmade Games, creators of Hurdle Turtle and preservers of all things retro, have recently unleashed their newest creation on the App Store. Pixel Whirled is an arcade shooter in which players have to constantly flip back and forth between the ninja and pirate sides of the screen while shooting down encroaching waves of enemies. Isn't it nice when two mortal enemies can put aside their differences in the name of self-preservation?

Pixel Whirled has received a few new additions in its transition from an Xbox Live Indie Game to iOS. Mostly the expected Game Center Achievements and touch controls, but it looks as though a few "super cool" power-ups have also been thrown in. This is all in addition to the retro arcade goodness already contained within, of course.

If Pixel Whirled sounds interesting (and really, why wouldn't it?), why not do a quick search for it on the App Store? It's available right now for the low cost of one dollar.

Pixel Whirled

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2011-09-24 :: Category: Game


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