Phantom Rift - Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Cheats for Traveling Through the Rift

Posted by Nadia Oxford on September 15th, 2014
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Hello, Wanderers:
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Phantom Rift from Foursaken Media is a deep adventure/role-playing game that centers around intense battles with enemy monsters. It plays a good deal like Capcom's Mega Man Battle Network, which thrived on the Game Boy Advance, and veterans of that series should be able to sink right into Foursaken's title.

But that doesn't mean surviving the Rift is easy. Here are some tips that will help keep you alive in this strange, dark world.

Starting Out

  • The questions at the beginning of the game seem to influence the magic spells you receive - When you begin playing Phantom Rift, you're asked a brief series of questions about who you are. Do you like fighting with friends, or alone? Do you prefer fighting close-up, or from afar? The way in which you answer these questions seems to impact which spells you start the game with. For instance, if you say you prefer fighting up close, you should start off with an assortment of sword spells.

  • Stuck? Talk to Wispin - Wispin is your guide in the Rift. If you're unsure of what to do next, tap on him to chat. He can help light the way. [Editor's Note: *rimshot*]

  • Use energy sparingly - Early in Phantom Rift, you receive a ring that restores health at the cost of 30 energy. This is a valuable tool, and can mean the difference between life and death. That said, energy is very valuable as it's also used to buy spells, weapons, and armor. Instead of healing yourself with energy-consuming items, try restoring your health in-battle using spells.

Traveling Through the Rift and its Worlds

  • Watch how the ground rises and falls to determine where you should go - Finding your way around Phantom Rift can be intimidating. There's a map of course, but sometimes that's not enough to determine which way you should go. Instead, take a look at the ground. Each stage "builds" itself as you  move. If you draw close to an area and blocks fly up to meet you, you've stumbled on an area that can be explored. Consult the map to make sure you haven't visited the area yet.

  • Don't hurry into a portal; look for treasure first - Portals are your way in, out, and around Phantom Rift, but don't dive into one as soon as you discover it. Note its position on the map and take a little time to explore the rest of the area for missed treasure.

  • You can revisit previous worlds to do some treasure hunting, but beware - When you've cleared a level and moved on, you can still re-visit to look for any missed treasure. Be careful, though: enemies get stronger once an area boss is cleared out - and the ghost of the boss itself may come back to haunt you.

  • Debris and broken blocks appear on the battlefield when you're pulled into a fight - Columns, rocks, and broken  portions of a level's ground all become part of the battlefield when you're pulled into a random encounter.

Fight and Survive

  • Replace copies of a spell instead of a single spell - In Phantom Rift, it's not uncommon to get multiple copies of spells. When you receive a new spell, it's usually preferable to get rid of a copy instead of a lone spell. Even if you don't use that lone spell very often, you never know when it'll come in handy. Enemies in Phantom Rift move and attack very differently from each other.

  • During battle, hold on to spells that require lots of mana but dispose of spells that won't do you any good - Spells are fueled by mana, which gradually builds up during a fight. Spells you wish to use in a round go on the portal on the right side of the screen, while spells you don't want to use go on a portal to the left. A random selection of spells appears in the middle of the battle menu.

    You can keep the selection of middle spells intact until you have enough  mana to use them. It's recommended, however, that you dispose of unwanted spells in the left-side portal. Clearing out useless spells frees up room for more spells, and also grants you a little bit of mana.

  • You can dispose of spells during battle to give yourself mana - Want to use that sweet Canon spell sitting in your queue, but lack the mana points to execute it? If you're off by a few points, dispose of a spell or two to fuel your attack.

  • Observe how new enemies move and attack before spending lots of mana on powerful spells - If you're face-to-face with a new enemy and you're not sure how they're going to attack, take a turn to observe. Do they move around quickly? Do they stay put? Build your attacks around their movements. Otherwise you may wind up wasting mana on spells that sail past them.

    Use battlefield debris to your advantage - Rocks, columns, plant life, and so on all work as natural barriers against enemy fire, - until they're destroyed. On the flip side, they can block your shots, so use them strategically.

    Phantom Rift

    + Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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