Fans of S-GAME's action RPG Phantom Blade: Executioners can once again get their hands on the title with a Closed Beta Test from August 18th to September 16th. The "Serenade of Ruin" CBT will add a new chapter, a brand new character with two advanced career paths, microtransactions that will be fully refunded after the test and more.

Phantom Blade: Executioners' latest CBT titled "Serenade of Ruin" features cross-platform play between mobile and PC, and all player characters will be wiped afterwards. Transactions, however, will be fully refunded and a 100% gratitude bonus upon Open Beta.

The game features a gripping tale set in a world where kung fu, magic spells and machines collide. The Sha-Chi Mod, in particular, is of great interest to many as it offers unparalleled power to anyone who uses it at the cost of their humanity.

Players can also expect to engage in adrenaline-pumping combat during real-time battles as they string together stylish combos to take down their foes. In particular, the CBT will put The Chord on center stage with her two advanced career paths (making her a very impressive character), plus add a new story chapter titled "A Failure’s Redemption".

There will be special login bonuses, unlockable costumes and more, so be sure to sign up and visit the official website of Phantom Blade: Executioners to know more.

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