PEAR 2.0 has Just Hit the App Store - Adds VO2 MAX, Personal Workouts, and More

Posted by Rob Rich on July 9th, 2015
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PEAR 2.0 is live, and it adds a few things that have been a long time coming. In addition to all the fitness tracking it already provides, of course.

One of the biggest features that are new to PEAR is a VO2 Max fitness score. In fact, you can get your own VO2 Max number right form within the app, with what VP of Sales Christian Schauf says is only a 5% deviation. The idea was to give users a more meaningful number to use as an actual fitness metric instead of something like calories burned or heart rate.

Then there are the new personalized workouts. Now the app will use a lot more data (not just things like biometrics but also current location, activity levels, and training preferences) to pull suggestions for the most fitting workouts for you on a given day. If you recently focused on cardio, it may show you more strength-building excercises to try and balance you out. And if you aren't sure how to do certain moves you can check out short ~5 second instructional clips from inside the app without using up too much of your workout time.

A new social sharing system has also been integrated. This not only allows you to show off your achievements to friends (along with photos if you prefer), it also lets you challenge them directly to see if they can beat your stats/score.

PEAR 2.0 is live now. You can download it for free and have full access to everyhing the app has to offer for thirty days, after which you can continue to use it with limited access or subscribe to the service for $3/mo or $30/yr.

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