Path Puzzler Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on July 11th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Path Puzzler is a wonderful, creative and hugely entertaining educational game app from the developers at Busythings, a company that makes top-notch thinking games for children.

I love how the premise of these apps is always delightful, quirky and simple to understand, yet can sometimes get tricky on harder levels.

Path Puzzler consists of a grid of animal or monster characters that need to be led to their specific color islands within this grid, illustrated with their favorite foods, keeping in mind that their paths must not cross. To do so, drag a finger from a monster over the maze-like areas of this puzzle connecting the color-coded islands, avoiding intersecting other monster-island paths.

The animals or monsters that one must connect to their islands are cute and cartoony, bright and colorful. Children and adults alike will enjoy the light animation they are rewarded with as each animal travels through its completed path to eat its food, celebrating with dancing as well - an element that I enjoy, as I do the whimsical music that I have grown to expect from Busythings apps.

This is a simple premise which may seem easy at firs but can become quite difficult in the “Harder” section - that being the most difficult section of this app as these puzzles can seem almost impossible if players lose their way and forget the logic of these puzzles that they have been taught from earlier stages.

Because of this, it would be a great inclusion for the future if a hint of some sort could be included as well as the ability to see the completed puzzle for those who are simply stuck and can’t complete these most complex scenarios.

I also wish that one could see the progress through these levels the way one does in other Busythings apps. Here, one can work his way through the first, most simplistic puzzle to the hardest one possible by playing through, as well as choosing a specific difficulty to start from, but I do prefer a menu page of specific puzzles one has mastered and ones that the user has yet to complete seen in other apps from this series.

Having said this, I do appreciate the "Resume" Button included in the main menu, but I find it confusing that although the number of characters and islands to match up are maintained where players left off, the puzzles generated seem to be at random, great for replay, but not when one wants to try their hand as the last puzzle they were working on.

Even with this note, Path Puzzler is a wonderful puzzle app that will appeal to those who love mazes as well as others who enjoy logic games. The styling keeps this app light and charming for kids, but adults will find themselves equally addicted as I did while working my way through the most difficult “Harder” section long after my test for this app was complete.

I am a huge fan of the other Busythings apps as they tend to be highly thoughtful, many of them helping children and adults work on problem solving skills. There is also a heavy emphasis on quirky details, and they are a whole lot of fun.

Time with Busythings apps is not time wasted. These are apps that should be looked into by parents as well as educators. Do search for my reviews of many of these Busythings apps here at GiggleApps.

It never ceases to amaze me how little the public seems to be aware of these Busythings apps. They are of a remarkable quality, full of charm, with a cartoony atmosphere and are also immensely educational. I highly recommend Path Puzzler as well as Busythings other interactive applications.

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