Parigami, the match-three puzzler set in a papercraft Africa, is out now on iOS.

You'll navigate a papercraft African map made out of origami and paper cut outs, aiming for three stars in each match-three level.

They're not your usual match-three levels though. Instead of swapping individual tiles you'll be moving the rows and columns to try and get three or more paper animals to match up.

Match three animals and they'll simply burst into confetti but match four or more and they'll explode in a paper bomb, giving your score a healthy boost.

You won't be alone on your adventure - you'll be joined by six characters based on species native to Africa. They each have their own minigame, as well. You'll have to clean out Ollie the oryx's habitat, feed Mamma Hippo's hungry children, and chase off Fang, the mean lion.

If you manage to complete a minigame you'll receive paper popper boosters as a reward. These can be used during the main levels to give you a hand.

Parigami also has an Apple Watch companion app that tasks you with raising the baby booby bird, Buddy. He'll assist you during your adventures in the main game if you do so.

Parigami is out now in the App Store [download].

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