Overdox guide - Tips and tricks for beginners

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 14th, 2019
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Overdox is a clever battle royale that changes things up by adding MOBA mechanics and melee combat to the mix. This new hybrid game can be quite a bit to take in at first, so we’ve put together a list of tips to help you get a leg up on the competition.

When in doubt, scavenge

Overdox, like a lot of other battle royales, involves a lot of wandering around and looting. Doing this is almost never a bad idea in this game. Although you’ll never find sweet new gear from looting in this game, it provides a lot of other benefits, almost all of which give you an edge toward the end of a match.

First, you can generate a lot of credits by looting. Credits are important because they let you buy upgrades that are generally better than the things you find in crates. Looting is also great because doing so usually spawns creeps, and killing those can raise your weapon level, making your more powerful against other players.

Pick up all power-ups

Scattered across every arena in Overdox are random pads that you can stand near for a few seconds to activate an ability. Use these at every opportunity. Doing so makes sure that your enemies aren’t getting them, plus they can give you a special advantage (like bonus move speed) that will help you if you happen across another player.

It’s also important to note that these pads upgrade in power the more they get used. So if you claim one, just know that once it recharges, it will have an even more powerful ability waiting for you next time.

Finally, there are some arenas in Overdox that feature special relics. These devices are a little confusing, but rest assured, you should use them the same way. These relics are only available for activation intermittently, and take quite a bit of time to use. But, once activated, every other player in your match gets affected by some debuff that can give you a nice leg up on them.

Build your hero, in and out of the arena

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice for Overdox. There’s no way to suddenly change your gear mid-match in this game, so you have to go into each game with a specific plan. If you have a character with an armor set that grants increased critical chances, enhance that advantage with weapons that have high critical rates, even if they aren’t your most powerful.

By that token, think about how your character’s gear advantages play with the powers you can pick up in a match. If you have a high movement speed thanks to your gear, for example, maybe you want to enhance that with the blink ability or by picking up traps. Making enough little decisions like these let you go into the final stages of any match with a hero that is specialized to kill in a very specific way, which is better than just having a random assortment of abilities that you use while hoping for the best.

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