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So, you’ve just downloaded Order & Chaos 2: Redemption and you don’t know what to do next. That’s fair - the game is huge after all. To help you out, we’ve conjured up some helpful tips and tricks to ease your transition into the massive world.

Starting Out

  • Try to plan ahead with what you want to role-play as - There’s a choice of the all-rounder Human, the tiny but curious Mendel, the intelligent Elf, the tough yet honorable Orc, and the reptilian Kratan.
  • Your choice of classes can also make a huge difference - These are what will dictate your playing style, but you can always experiment a bit.
  • The Warrior is a tough melee fighter who uses Rage to dictate what special skills they can use. They’re a little slow, but they make up for that with brutality.
  • The Ranger is a more light weight and DPS (damage per second) based fighter. They work best attacking from a distance and use stamina to recover quickly before unleashing more projectiles at their foe.
  • Mages are there for those who enjoy getting a little magical. They’re weak in physical combat but they can deal damage over large areas, proving ideal in a big fight. Don’t expect to rush into battle with the mage though. You’ll get wiped out.
  • Blood Knights uses their own health to feed their abilities, meaning you have to be quite tactical with how you conduct a battle. It’s a class that’s best used once you’ve already learned the basics of the game.
  • Monks are a kind of jack of all trades between healing and attacking. They can do both tasks reasonably well, proving to be quite self-sufficient.

  • You’ve got a pick of starter towns, too - Mariner’s Landing is a sleepy port village, while Cliffside is a small mining town. Each has a bevy of quests so don’t stress too much over that decision.
  • You can easily have two characters at your disposal at any time - You can unlock a third character through premium gems too, and Order & Chaos 2: Redemption gives you enough for free in order to do this if you want.
  • You’re probably going to be quite attached to your character, whatever you choose, so this is the ideal time to keep them safe. Link your account to Facebook or Game Center so that if something happens to your phone, you don’t lose your progress.

Getting to grips with everything

  • Don't tap to move - The game will encourage you to tap on places to run to them. I’d suggest using the floating joystick to run around instead. It works more effectively, even if it does obscure what you can see a bit.
  • Learn what each ability does and use it accordingly - For instance, the warrior has an area attack that’s best saved for when you’re actually fighting multiple enemies at once.
  • Activating quests will help you navigate - Tapping on the quest name gives you a breadcrumb trail to follow, so you should never need be worried about getting lost.

  • Besides the story quests, there are also instant quests that you can stumble into - These tend to be missions that have you collect a certain amount of something or kill a particular monster. They’re usually pretty quick and easy to finish, being great for when you’re just wandering around.
  • Don’t worry about buying any in-app purchases straight away - You can get a lot done without paying up and you’d be wise to stick with that ethos for a while.
  • Do join a guild as soon as possible - Playing alongside other folk and having people to chat with really does make a substantial difference to how much fun you can have.

Order & Chaos 2-Fantasy MMORPG

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