Back in 2009, Gameloft created a fairly successful video game franchise called Dungeon Hunter. It mastered the APRG Dungeon Crawler genre and popped out a few sequels that got better and better, but then in 2015 after Dungeon Hunter 5, they stopped, much to the disappointment of fans. Until now.

One big headline of this announcement is that this next instalment won’t be handled by the original developers, instead, it is being passed over to GOAT Games. It is always a bit of a worrying time when the development of a beloved series gets put into the hands of another, of course, they could just as easily ruin the nostalgia as they could take it to higher heights.

GOAT Games' biggest project is arguably Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, which does have some interesting mechanics to boast, and their cross-server Dragon Storm Fantasy does give them kudos in handling large jobs, so it is safe to assume the series is in safe hands for now.

With the series being one of the most popular mobile action RPG franchises ever, clocking in over 120 million downloads worldwide, the next game will be expanding on the loot and stab playstyle with the benefit of 8 years of technological advancements, which is a lifetime in gaming. With updated visuals and effects, players will be able to smash through the titular dungeons with friends or air out some long-awaiting grievances in PvP.

Even with GOAT taking the reins, Gameloft won’t be totally out of the loop, with the Chief Sales Officer Guilherme Lachaut saying: "Dungeon Hunter is one of our longest-running series and we're thrilled to be working with GOAT Games to create the next mainline game".

"With an already impressive stable of games like Dragon Storm Fantasy, we're confident they will be able to produce a Dungeon Hunter experience that fans of the series are going to love."

To make sure you don’t miss out on any future updates, follow the development team on Facebook, where there is currently a call for players to fill in a questionnaire to shape this next adventure, coming at the end of 2013.

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