Omega Strikers - What you need to know about the 2.1 update (and how to get creator skins)

Posted by Campbell Bird on May 18th, 2023
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Note: There are also FREE creator skins available if you use the following codes by going to the in-game store and tapping the "Coupon" button:

Since its official release, I've had a hard time putting down *Omega Strikers. I'm still very much as high on it as I was when I posted my glowing review, and now there's even more reason for me to play it. This week the game saw its first significant update, which added new characters, a new map, and some other little tweaks to make this already great game even better.

You can check out footage of my time inspecting and trying out the game's new characters (and going through the shop to purchase all the new skins, emotes, etc.) in the video above, and you can read on for some additional impressions and an overall evaluation of the update.

The first thing I'll say about this update to Omega Strikers is that it isn't a game-changer. If you have tried this game already and did not care for it, there is nothing here that dramatically alters the core of the sport. It is mostly just some more stuff to play with, some balance changes, and a few quality of life improvements.

The main attraction of this 2.1 update is the two new strikers: Octavia and Vyce. They are demon sisters that are about as different as they can be from one another. The former has the appearance of a pop diva and her gameplay strengths revolve around stacking up speed buffs that can be extended infinitely so long as she keeps finding things to hit. Vyce, on the other hand, carries around her trusty electric guitar and uses that to lay down some heavy hitting riffs to knock out other strikers.

Both characters feel like high quality additions to the roster and after a few tunings to their kits in the couple days since they've released feel balanced well against the pre-existing cast. If you are a free player wondering about which striker to spend currency on first, my recommendation would be Vyce, as she is a bit more beginner friendly and is well suited to multiple styles of play.

Along with this update, a new stage also released, though despite my hours and hours of play I have yet to actually play in it. The Demon Dais appears to be like the home court of the new siblings and features a unique goal barrier setup of two concentric rings that extend pretty far into the arena. Breaking these rings not only opens the goal but also activates speakers in the center of the arena that push strikers and the core away from them. It seems like a neat setup, but again, with the number of maps and their random selection during play, I haven't gotten to try it out yet.

As for some of the smaller additions to the update, there are a few new purchasable items, including a goal explosion, select music-themed skins, emotes for the new characters, a new visual backdrop on the main menu, and one new piece of forward gear called the Siphon Wand that add some damage to attacks that also provide some healing.

  • MoistVS: Unlocks Moist Asher

  • RakinVS: Unlocks Artilheira Juliette

  • LilyVS: Unlocks Sweet Bee Juno

Then, of course, there are the bugfixes, with the primary one I noticed being the fact that you can now see all of the enemy team picks during the character selection phase of a match. There are definitely others, but I'll just point you here to pore through them if you are so inclined.

Overall, this feels like a great update to inject more variety into a game that is already pretty great. I look forward to many more character additions and things down the line for Omega Strikers.

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