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Posted by Campbell Bird on May 10th, 2023
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I have still been sinking a lot of time into Omega Strikers and having a blast with it. Since my last guide, I've picked up on a few things that I would call more advanced tips for once you already have a pretty good handle on the game.

If you feel like you are a competent player in terms striker knowledge and knowing how all the mechanics work, see below for some more nuanced tips that can help you lock up victories.

Enemy counter strategies

Before you even begin a match of Omega Strikers, you can get a leg up on your opponents through some smart picking and banning. Depending on the match stage, the available starter awakenings, banned strikers, and characters your teammates have soft-locked, you have a lot of information to come up with a team composition that works well.

There may be another guide at some point that walks through team picking more comprehensively, but as some good general advice try to make sure your team's forwards have a mix of control-based strikers and brawlers so you balance out strength with the ability to push the core downfield easily. For bans, if there's any doubt, just vote along with your teammates. Otherwise, I recommend looking to ban strikers that are particularly strong on certain maps (i.e. Rasmus on Ai.Mi's App) or have good synergies with the starter awakenings (i.e. X if Quick Strike is available).

Once the match begins, you'll have to adjust your tactics based on what your opponents are doing. If you can identify a "weak side," it's always wise to attack there, whether it's due to a fragile character that's easy to pick on or some skill issues. Between sets, you and your team should also be thinking about what awakenings to pick not just to benefit your own striker abilities, but whether taking other awakenings ahead of other players to deny them some power might be more prudent. All of these little edges you can establish can push your opponents onto their heels and help make victories a little easier to secure.

Watch for core flip!

This sounds simple, but it's pretty critical to always be watching everyone's energy meter in Omega Strikers to keep track of who has--or is close to--gaining the core flip abilitiy. Obviously, this is an important thing to track for your own striker so you know when you can hit a power shot or combo a player into the wall, but knowing who else can do those things helps you predict and prepare for plays before they happen.

For example, the enemy team may have a striker start hovering closer to your goal and harassing your goalie because they have strike available. A pass close to goal at this point is likely because short-range core strikes are virtually unblockable. But, knowing this lets you get in position to intercept passes or perhaps even help go to your goalie and bully that forward until they back off. Similarly for your own team, you may want to try and get the core to anyone who has meter (especially in the final stretches of a set) to jam a goal in.

Managing meter

Speaking of the energy meter, managing it is an important aspect of Omega Strikers and one that I am still pretty far off from mastering. The energy meter is a super important because it enables the aforementioned core flip ability, but it also empowers strikers to be able to dodge attacks at will to gain an advantage. Dodging may seem less useful than a core strike, but if it saves you from being knocked out so you can continue helping your team it is absolutely worth it.

A couple of other things to note about meter: it resets every set, so there's no use in trying to "save" it toward the end of a round. Use it or lose it! There's also some value in using abilities that you know an opponent may dodge easily just to keep their meter from filling. This isn't exactly optimal, but it can still be situationally useful if you know a player is dangerous with core flips or tends to depend on them.

Bring the right gear

As you approach middle tiers and higher levels of competition in Omega Strikers, choosing the right gear in the right situations becomes pretty important. Each striker scales differently based on different gear loadouts and if you or other members of your team can't keep up with the power curve, it can be difficult to make meaningful contributions to your team in the late game.

This all starts at the drafting phase, where you might want to pick a striker who works well with one of the starting awakenings. This can even be more advantageous than "maining" one specific character, depending on what the gear combo is.

A more comprehensive gear guide may also come later, but generally speaking you want to put gear that lets your brawler get bigger and deal more damage, equip anything that lets control characters play to their ability type's strengths (i.e. creation size, buff duration, etc.), and if you are goalie it never hurts to try and get more charges of your abilities or reduce cooldowns.

In addition to empowering your own striker abilities, it can also be worth looking into picking up defensive awakenings if the enemy team is building to focus on knock outs. Stagger Swagger and Unstoppable in particular are fantastic tools to make it a lot harder for your opponents to execute any kind of "attack first" plan on your team. As a reminder, you can always check what awakenings and gear your opponents have in-game via the loadout menu.

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