Oh My - Fit Entertainment is Putting George Takei into their Fitness Apps

Posted by Rob Rich on August 13th, 2015
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I imagine everyone knows George Takei from either Star Trek, his infinite puns on social media, or a combination of both. I also imagine his interest in fitness isn't a surprise to some, but it's certainly a bit of a surprise to me - as is the news that Fit Entertainment is planning on putting him in their apps.

The punster-turned fitness guru will be making an appearance in the developer's current apps like Fit Go Run Run Run and Fit Go Step Challenge, as well as getting his own fitness apps in the future.

“I have always been an evangelist for good healthy living, and I know first hand how hard it is to stay active when life gets in the way,” Takei said in a press release.

Keep an eye out for Mr. Sulu George Takei - and even more as yet unannounced sports, fitness, and celebrity faces - in the future. In the meantime, you can download any of Fit Entertainment's apps for free.

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