Ninjump Climbs Into The App Store

Posted by Chris Hall on August 12th, 2010

Backflip Studios has been extremely successful this summer with their free game sales. Paper Toss, an older classic, has been installed 24,000,000 times, Strike Knight has been installed 4,000,000 times, and Graffiti Ball has been installed over 1,000,000 times. The next free game, Ninjump, definitely has the makings of a huge success, and according to Julian Farrior, "showcases some of our strongest work to date."

Ninjump is a high score climber with a pseudo match 3 twist that has you, as a ninja, climbing up the walls on the sides of the screen while dodging protruding objects and attacking things in the air. Because your ninja is always climbing upwards, the only thing that you have to control is jumping across to the other side.

As you climb, there are all sorts of obstacles in your path, such as protruding building parts, other ninjas, squirrels running from side to side, and birds. Dodging everything in sight isn't the name of the game though... you are a ninja, and ninjas fight. As you jump through the air, you attack objects that are crossing (squirrels, birds, ninja stars, and dynamite). If you hit three in a row of the same object, you get a hugely animated mega jump that sends you way up the screen.

As with all of Backflip Studios apps, Ninjump has some great graphics that go along with the sweet ninja soundtrack (sweet ninja soundtrack not included in all Backflip games). If you're looking for a simple game to play on the go, check out Ninump, it's extremely fun.

By the way, my high score, as of Aug. 11, is 6515. I'm sitting pretty at #12 on the leader board, but I can't be too happy because the game hasn't been released yet as of this writing.


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Released: 2010-08-12 :: Category: Game


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