Netmarble is seeing in the New Year in style with The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. The New Year Festival 2023 comes stuffed with a plethora of prizes to earn, a chance to get a stake of 7 million diamonds, and a fantastic strong new character.

The newest character is truly one of the most powerful Dark characters added to the game. Cursed Shackles Purgatory Meliodas has two skills to deal immense damage to all enemies, as well as one dedicated to almighty single-target damage. Combined with the Darkness Attribute effect that increases the ally's damage dealt by 10% and Meliodas will be clearing the battlefield with ease.

To get this powerful new character you will need to partake in the New Year Festival 2023 Poll Draw, called such as players deciding who would be available which is nice, with other characters such as Berserk Estarossa and Mage of Infinity Merlin also being available. An SSR hero is guaranteed at 300 and 600 miles, with Purgatory Meliodas being certain at 900.

When you have your suite of new shiny heroes, you can break them in by trying out the New Year Festival 2023 Special Mission which is a catalogue of five new quests. You will gain exciting goodies for clearing each mission such as Diamonds and a 2023 Poll Ticket, and then an extra special prize for finishing all of them.

It wouldn’t be much of a festival without a lot of cool gear to swipe, and Netmarble has added a lot of giveaways to get involved with. The Lucky Raffle Drum gives everyone who completes a mission 3 pulls to get a share of the 7,777,777 Diamonds up for grabs. When logging in for your drum fun you'll also benefit from the Check-in Event, giving a total of 300 Diamonds for 28 days of logging in.

Gamblers can take part in the Roulette Event, spending special currency to spin the wheel for a chance to win items such as an event costume, artefact and even the New Legend Demon Meliodas. You can then test this new warrior in the Event Boss Parade, where a different boss will appear each week, and beating them will net you even more costumes, artefacts and diamonds.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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