Team17 has updated its survival co-operative game The Survivalists with lots of new content, including the introduction of new crops, improved combat and more changes. The new patch is available now on iOS via Apple Arcade.

The farming portion of this update allows you to now plant and harvest crops for resources, including many rare and dangerous plants which can be grown to be used as a safety measure against imposing threats.

This means from now on you can farm your crops endlessly using the monkeys to help you out. This is achieved thanks to the Monkey Mimic system, which not only allows you to train them as they help you in farming, but can also become a lumberjack, builder or even a soldier.

Some of the other new additions to the game include new structures, recipes, and items that help you in your adventure while stranded on the island. These emphasise creativity in order to think up new ways to survive this unknown place.

The new update also adds a bunch of wildlife you can tame. Wolves, tank birds, flock birds, rabbits, big cats, elephant birds, boars, deer and stags are now available for you to tame and help you survive on the deserted island. These taming recipes can be collected from the mini-bosses which are also new in this update.

For those who are unaware, The Survivalists is about building and surviving together. It’s a co-op game where you, along with other players, are stuck on a deserted island and must collect their efforts in order to survive.

The Survivalists is now available from the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade, the premium subscription service which gives you access to hundreds of mobile games.

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