A new update for Rebel Twins’ platformer shooter Cookies Must Die is coming out this week. The update adds quite a bit to the game, including new levels and characters to play around with.

Eight new characters are being added, each with their own unique special attacks. You can unlock these characters by collecting all map parts and winning special battles corresponding to their character. With new characters come new foes to contend with, and six new enemy types are also being added alongside that.

To add to the fun, Rebel Twins is also adding seven new explosive gadgets and seven new upgradeable weapons to your arsenal, so be sure to check out the new ways you can annihilate your opponents during play.

Also included in the update are two new environments, Picnic Panic and Deadly Train, which feature all-new levels to play. There are also two smaller features coming with the new update: a Health Room to be used when you’re wounded and need to regain some life, and a Gadget / Armoury Shop to unlock new weapons and gadgets.

Cookies Must Die is a platform shooter about secret agents with special powers implanted in their bodies by government scientists. It’s an easy to learn, hard to master kind of title, with epic boss battles and slow motion Matrix-style bullet time effects. Alongside this there are achievements and leaderboard entries so you can compete with your friends for the top score. It’s a popular title, particularly on Android when it became a winner of the 2020 Google Indie Games Festival.

It comes from Rebel Twins, the studio that also brought you Daddy Was A Thief, Dragon Hills, and Aliens Drive Me Crazy.

The new update for Cookies Must Die arrives tomorrow on Android and Thursday on iOS. You can download it from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

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