One of the many good things about holding a suitcase full of titles is the ability to truly embrace each holiday, and Netmarble is doing just this with four of its top games. To celebrate Easter, players will be able to jump into their favourite games and get some goodies.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds fans looking for a change of aesthetics will be pleased, as you can pick up a set to turn you into a sort of les resolutions squiggle monster. Yes, you can get yourself the Lucky Golden Higgledy Doll Clothes Costume Chest and the same Hat Costume Chest to become the game’s mascot. It's not April 1st anymore, but you can still look a fool.

Moving onto Tower of God: New World, the amusingly named Untrustworthy Door Event does exactly what you expect; makes you paranoid of doors. To advance through this challenge you need to confront suspicious doors and enter the correct one. Do this enough and you can receive SSR Soulstones, with rewards doubling with successive successes. You can also head to the Forum and get a coupon code for an SSR Teammate Selection Chest.

Head over to Seven Knights 2 to get a of presents for minimal effort, in the Treasure Age★ April! Mysterious Check-In Event. Logging in will net you Mysterious Letters, which can be traded for Mysterious Old Letter, which can then be used to create a Selected Rated Up Hero Summon Ticket and a Sealed Accessory Selection Box. A bit fussy, but all you are doing is logging in.

Finally, Seven Knights Idle Adventure will be hosting a Special Challenger Pass, chowing the in-game characters drawn by developers of Seven Knights Idle Adventure during the event period. The games Forum and in-banners will also feature developer-drawn imagery.

Most of these events will last until April 11th, excluding Seven Knights Idle Adventure, which is being lazy and will end April 7th, so act fast.

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