Since its release at the beginning of September, NetEase’s survival shooter Lost Light has picked up a tremendous amount of steam, attracting over one million players and hitting the top 10 free games in multiple countries. In its first major update, Lost Light introduces a new event, gun skins and a rainy weather combat system.

This first patch brings the inaugural Lost Light Dog Tag Collector Competition, which runs from 16th September through to the 18th. By defeating enemies in the game, players can collect points to compete for a premium membership. Points are awarded based on the enemy defeated; a Maurader grants 1, a Raymond Squad member 2, and a Firefly is 5, with an additional 1 point per tag if they are successfully taken from the battlefield. A busy weekend awaits.

To coincide with this event, a new rainy weather system has been added to the game to make combat a bit more immersive. Ranging from a light shower to a torrential downpour up to a thunderstorm, the weather can change at any time. It is unclear how much the weather will affect gameplay beyond visibility, but it spices up the field some.

Mt Akiyama has been expanded to make for a bigger explorable area, and extra supplies have been added to scavenge. While this does add more exploration options, it does also draw more enemies to the area, and what better way to avoid them than by collecting the new Jungle Elite skins? Players can obtain these camo skins for a limited time, and with the temporary return of the Ghost Force skin, it will be a breeze blending into the forest and taking any enemy unawares.

Lost Light is available to download for free now on the App Store and Google Play.

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