NetEase’s new multiplayer game Hyper Front has been the talk of the mobile gaming community for a while, and with good reason. The 5v5 shooter resembles the popular action shooter Valorant with its hero-based action, visuals, and gameplay mechanics.

To date, Hyper Front was available in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand for Android after the soft launch. And now, iOS users can experience the multiplayer action as Hyper Front will be rolled out so iPhone and iPad users can get involved.

This was announced recently by NetEase Global via their official Hyper Front Twitter account:

As mentioned, Hyper Front’s visuals and gameplay mechanics resemble Valorant a lot. In fact, one of the reasons why the new game is getting attention is because of the similarities. If you are looking to have a similar experience on mobile, then you should definitely check out Hyper Front.

How to participate in Hyper Front Testflight

To be a part of the Testflight, players will have to fill out a short survey. A questionnaire has been provided towards the end of the announcement tweet. The link will redirect you to the questions. You will have to share some basic details like device info, country of residence, Facebook or Discord ID, and previous experience with games.

After completing the survey, players will have to wait for the invitations to be sent out. Of course, not all the people who fill out the survey will be invited into the Testflight. For the test, only a few devices might be compatible. Additionally, to be eligible, you will have to be in the selected countries.

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