NetEase Games has disclosed the date for the worldwide launch of survival shooter Lost Light. Releasing September 1st, Lost Light has already gained some fairly impressive traction with its betas, generating a lot of buzz that will hopefully result in an enjoyable game.

Lost Light is a cross-platform shooter with a unique selling point of an incredibly in-depth gun customization system which does look very interesting. As a member of the Firely Squad players will find themselves stranded in a post-apocalyptic exclusion zone beset by many crises, and will be tasked to unveil a sinister plot.

The hype for this ambitious-looking shooter is set to continue to build as NetEase Games is holding a grand launch campaign for any player who signs up for the event on their website. The event will run until August 31st and offers the chance to gain exclusive rewards such as premium membership and limited edition outfits.

There is a grand total of 3 separate pre-registration campaigns to get involved in each with its own rewards. The first one is a fairly standard phase reward. Everyone will gain rewards based on the figure of iOS pre-orders, which given the fact that Lost Light’s beta consistently reached Google Play's Top 30 Free Games, and that 4 million players have been in contact with the game, this is a fairly surefire way to get a decent head start.

Two further events are based on invitations. Anyone who invites 4 friends will gain essential battlefield items such as ammo, high-level armor and some fully modified firearms. The final event will reward the top 50 players who are invited to most friends with an exclusive skin and 1 month of membership. This is a seldom-seen pre-registration event that is almost guaranteed to generate a lot of invitations, and it must be said it's an impressively shrewd move by developers.

Lost Light will launch on September 1st on the App Store and Google Play.

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