Neo Monsters guide - Tips and tricks to help you fight your way to the top

Posted by Nadia Oxford on October 28th, 2015
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Neo Monsters is a great monster collecter and battler that's a must-play for Pokémon lovers.

It's a pretty deep experience with a lot of content that can be overwhelming at first glance, but fear not we at 148Apps have you covered with this little guide to help you do your very best on the battlefield.

Don't forget: Your lineup extends beyond what you see on the battlefield

Unlike many monster fighting games, your monster lineup in Neo Monsters can get pretty long. The higher your level, the more monsters you can have in your party.

When one of your main monsters is taken down, the next in line shuffles onto the battlefield so keep that in mind when organizing your crew.

More importantly, don't forget the same deal applies to your foes too. Their roster probably goes far beyond the four monsters they start the fight with.

Neo Monsters

Take advantage of combos when training

When you activate a combo during a training session, you get a power-boost. Given how limited training points are, it's important to take advantage of these combos whenever you can.

Don't be afraid to boot weak monsters from your team

Neo Monsters lets you have some pretty big teams, but at some point you're going to have to say goodbye to some of your darlings. Weak monsters will get you through the early portions of the game just fine, but before long you'll have to make room for monsters more suited for heavy-duty battle.

Seek out and recruit monsters marked as "Rare!" on the map. If possible, try to compose your team out of critters that rank two or more stars.

Don't neglect secondary skills - they can be extremely powerful

Primary skills are low-cost elemental attacks, and they're you're bread and butter. That being said, make sure to observe your monsters' secondary skills as some of them are frighteningly powerful.

For instance, "Poison Eater" can devastate a monster that's been poisoned, and "Timestrike" can potentially maul an enemy that's just taken their turn.

Keep a wide range of elemental types on your team

When picking your monster roster, try to keep an even distribution as far as elements are concerned. Your foes do the same, for the most part, and you want to be prepared.

Have you been enjoyingNeo Monsters? Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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