Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector guide - How to get even more rare cats

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 24th, 2016
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Are those rare cats still proving too illusive for you in Neko Atsume? Or maybe you just want to try a different tactic? We’re here with some more tips on how to improve your chances to get these fussy felines.

Feed them well

Food isn’t everything when it comes to luring them in, but if you’re going to use food, make it the good stuff!

Use everything from the high quality crisp cat food to the sashimi. Classy cats demand classy food.

Toys are good too

Some cats are more interested in the toys you can offer though. For instance, Joe DiMeowgio loves baseball which means he wants to see a baseball waiting for him. Here's a rundown of what the other cats like:

  • Conductor Whiskers prefers to see the train tracks outside.
  • Kathmandu likes Japanese toys, i.e. the mari ball.
  • Chairman Meow has a penchant for the earthenware pot, while St Purrtrick loves his silk crepe pillow.
  • Guy Furry hates cheap food, but adores the heating stove you can offer him.
  • There’s everyone’s favorite, Billy the kitten too. He loves the cowboy hat.

You get the idea - these cats are as picky as the real ones, but if you find something they love, they’ll never let go.

Gold fish are important

Gold fish are a handy side offering, and there are some useful ways to get them more easily.

Buy silver fish items that produce gold fish effectively. What you’re looking for are green cushions, yellow cushions, the orange cube, and the beach umbrella. They’ll grab you the most gold fish in the long run.

Once you’re established, start trading silver fish for gold fish. It’s not the greatest of trades, but it’s worth it have a ton of silver fish.

Don’t spend those gold fish needlessly though. Save them up for a house upgrade which gives you more space for toys and furniture.

Check out the original guide to find even more rare cats.

How’s your quest to be a crazy cat person going? Got some tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comments!

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