Acclaimed developer Rainbow Train's latest game, NABOKI, is set to launch for iOS, Android, and Steam on November 13th. It's a blissful puzzler all about taking levels apart in interesting, inventive ways.

Much like the developer's earlier work, it benefits greatly from a relaxed vibe and minimalist presentation. As I say, it's very much in keeping with the likes of Hook, Push, and Up Left Out – all great games, all reasonably priced.

NABOKI offers a short-but-sweet gameplay experience, with its simple systems hiding surprising intricacies. The game avoids traditional tutorials to maintain its minimalist theme, and you shouldn't expect any vibe-killing timers or high scores to chase; it's dedicated to serving up a relaxing atmosphere, enhanced by a score and sound effects from Polish musician Wojciech Wasiak.

If you enjoyed Rainbow Train's earlier games or just like the sound of this one, you'll find NABOKI available for pre-order now over on the App Store for $0.99, with a full launch set for November 13th for iOS, Android, and Steam.

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