My Baby Book Review

Posted by Sharon Cohen on April 14th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

As soon as parents hear their baby’s first loud cry when it comes into this world, they check to make sure their new son or daughter has ten toes and ten fingers and is healthy. The next action is taking pictures--if the video camera is not already running. While the newborn is getting checked up by the doctor, all the phone calls go out to family members, close friends and people at work. The proud parents would notify the world, if they could.

Many parents also start baby books, promising to religiously keep up with all the necessary newborn and toddler information and special milestones. What they don’t realize, unless they already have the joy of another child, is the amount of time it takes to care for a baby and that they will be sleep deprived for a long, long time.

The Baby Book app makes it much easier for parents to record special moments in their infant’s first year and immediately send them out to friends through e-mail or social media options, such as Facebook.
With this app, there is no need for an extra camera. Parents can use their iPhone camera to capture photos for the Baby Book. They also have the option of uploading existing pictures and videos into the app. Since I had my video camera and digital camera with me most of the time during my sons’ first years, this would have made life much easier than pasting pictures into my print baby book. I confess, neither of my son’s baby books was completed...

The Baby Book app gets you started with special milestones—“first birthday,” ”first crawl,” “first laugh,” “first walk,” “first word” and those dreaded “vaccinations” when the baby is crying and so is the parent! With each milestone, parents can add photos and videos. If you want to add other milestones, it’s easy. In fact, I would have immediately added “first picture” to my milestones for that moment of my children's arrival. This allows you to easily add memories as your child gets older.

Another nice addition is being able to type in a comment about each memorable event. This helps the sleep-deprived parents remember exactly what did happen when their infant became a toddler with those first shaky steps.

The best, best thing about this app is that it goes with you wherever you are. Your iPhone is attached to you at all times, right? Instead of opening up your wallet and showing everyone thousands of pictures, you can just show all these photos and videos on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

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