In the massive content update for MU Origin 2, Webzen is giving players more reasons to stay hooked to the mobile RPG with QOL features, new Guild content, fresh items in the in-game shops and so much more.

MU Origin 2 features a revamped Guild Territory with more rewards, a new NPC, enhancements to the Territory Treasure Storage and more. The Guild Territory Boss is also available for players to take on - when the Guild Territory hits Lvl 2, players can challenge the Boss Monster near the Boss Caretaker NPC for awesome rewards.

Meanwhile, players can also obtain the Archangel Transfer Stone from the [Receive Transfer Stone – Illusion of Archangel] NPC at Lorencia once per character. They can also boost their battle prowess with the Accessory Resurrection system, the Core Awakening feature, the Mythic Jewel enhancements and so on.

As for the quality-of-life updates, players can now access "Hide" functions in the settings, as well as enjoy an "Auto Evolve" system during the enhancement of the Tarot Card. Other updates include an expanded level for Ancient Seal to 150 and Divine Source to 200. If you're keen on giving the updates a go yourself, you can download MU Origin 2 on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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