Upcoming MMORPG MU Archangel is Webzen’s latest spin-off from the hit MU Online franchise, which expands on the legacy of the Archangel weapons (one of the rarest and most powerful weapons in the MU continent).

With its launch in Southeast Asia just around the corner, we’ve decided to revisit the MU continent to help players initiate into the sprawling MMORPG universe that awaits them.

First and foremost, the very first important choice you’ll make in the game is choosing a character class.

Welcome to Class Introduction

At launch, there are three character classes to choose from in MU Archangel: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf. Each character comes with its own distinctive appearance, special powers, and items, with varying stat levels for Strength, Agility, Vitality, and Energy.

For the first time in MU history, players can also choose the gender of the Dark Wizard (male/female) class.

Dark Knight

This class is suitable for players who like to dominate the battlefield. Being the descendants of Lorencia - one of the most magnificent and well-guarded cities in the MU continent - they are among MU’s most elite warriors, renowned for their unremitting stamina and incredible swordsmanship.

Dark Knight’s range of attacks include: Smash, Sword Thrust, Furious Strike, Thunder Slash, Combo Hit, Blow, Storm Power, and Swell Life.

The attack animations in the game more than live up to the power and strength of their names, which is a good enough reason to choose this class.

Dark Wizard (male/female)

The Dark Wizard class may appear meek and fragile to look at, but they are as tough as they come during a scrap. Rather than relying on brute-force attacks like the Dark Knight, Wizards use an array of offensive spells that confuse, suppress, and kill their enemies from a safe distance.

You’ll find Dark Wizards to have lighter equipment than Dark Knights, so close combat isn’t always recommended. However, with the following range of attacks and skills, you’ll never have to take that risk: Meteorite, Flame Pillar, Hellfire, Evil Spirit, Mana Boost, Aqua Flash, Death Poison, and Soul Barrier.


Hailing from the mysterious land of Noria, located at the easternmost point of the MU continent, Elves are MU Archangel’s guardian class. Being a spiritual race, they are classed as an “elemental tribe” that offer powerful defensive and offensive buffs, as well as special healing abilities. As a guardian, Elves are naturally the fairest of all the classes and get to wear the most gorgeous and ornately decorated equipment.

Besides possessing spiritual powers, Elves also happen to be extremely masterful archers, and are capable of rapid and devastating ranged attacks with their bows.

Elf’s list of skills include: Triple Shot, Penetration, Arrow Shower, Multi-shot, Weak Spot Attack, Multiple Penetration, Soldier, and DEF Boost.

This covers all of the basic knowledge of classes you’ll need to get started, but it only scratches the surface of the amount of content that MU Archangel has to offer.

MU Archangel is now open for pre-registration in Southeast Asia, so come and sign up to get special rewards. If you want to learn more, then make sure to check out the game’s official Facebook page, and stay tuned for more MU news here on 148Apps.

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