Mr Marshmallow is a cute little game about popping as many marshmallows as you can by tilting your device and causing them to bunch up. Once two or more of the same type are connected, you can then tap one of them and cause an explosive chain reaction.

At its core, it's a physics-based matching game, though what really makes it stand out is its hand-drawn art style. This has become the go-to look for developer Shugo Studios, with the developer's previous games – Sketch Wars: Tower Defence and Running Santa – also boasting a similar style of presentation.

Your ultimate goal here is to climb the global leaderboards and maybe even challenge a few friends along the way. It really couldn't be more straightforward, but I can see it working pretty well as something to chill out with for a couple minutes at a time.

If that sounds good to you, you'll find Mr Marshmallow available for download now as a free-to-play game from over on the App Store. And here are handy links toSketch Wars: Tower Defence and Running Santa's store pages, just in case you'd like to try those, too.

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