Yesterday 9to5Mac got their hands on an employee memo from Apple CEO Tim Cook, which mentioned that the new wearable has already had over one thousand apps submitted for it - in only four days. You can check out the original story, along with a full copy of the memo, right here.

"More than one thousand apps were submitted in just four days last week when the App Store started accepting them," Cook said, "and the rate of submissions has only been climbing since then."

That's kind of ridiculous when you stop and think about it. I mean, the App Store has only been accepting Apple Watch app submissions since last week. Of course this doesn't mean that over 1,000 apps are going to be accepted right away - Apple does have an approval process to go through and it could result in many of these submissions getting bounced back - but you can be sure the Apple Watch will still have a fairly robust selection of software at launch.

Seriously though, those are some incredible numbers. Bravo iOS developers. Give yourselves a hand.

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