Apple surprised us all today at the Worldwide Developer's Conference, revealing thatMonument Valley 2is out now on the App Store. The company made the announcement as they were demoing iOS 11, the upcoming operating system for Apple's mobile devices.

Monument Valley 2features more of the stunning scenery that putMonument Valley,the game's geometric landscapes providing heaps of puzzles that are a joy to decipher. This time around you're controlling two characters - a mother and her daughter - as they work to find their way out of what appears to be an endless labyrinth.

The originalMonument Valleylaunched in 2014 to critical acclaim, and went on to win Apple's Game of the Year award.

You can grabMonument Valley 2right now on iOS for $4.99. Word is still out on an Android release date.

Have you triedMonument Valley 2yet? How do you think it measures up to the original? Share in the comments below.

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