Monsterz Minigames is the latest game from excellently named developer Electric French Fries. It aims to be a fast-paced action title that's comprised of several minigames. It's available now for iOS devices as a premium title.

There are 12 of these minigames in total and each one will apparently last around 10 to 20 seconds, which may not sound a lot but Electric French Fries says that it'll be an intense period of time. There will also be phone wallpapers that can be unlocked for earning certain achievements within the game.

Each of these games will see brightly coloured monsters placed in a variety of odd situations such as having to lift up a whale or having to bash a bunch of maggots whack-a-mole-style. Depending on whether you succeed or fail the game you'll see a little positive or negative cutscene with other hidden scenes also available to unlock.

The more you play the difficulty will increase but in a more dynamic fashion that simply having less time. For instance, the maggots you're supposed to crush will become smaller and act more defensively. Each minigame will also have different methods to earn bonus points to encourage players to take additional risks.

You can check out some of the minigames you'll be taking on in the trailer above. It has a very cutesy and colourful art style that I'm most definitely a fan of and the promise of short-burst gameplay is definitely a good idea for mobile. Naturally of course, the success depends on how fun and addictive this minigames are.

Monsterz Minigames is available now over on the App Store. It's a premium title that costs $2.99.

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