Monsters with Attitude guide - Tips and tricks to be a smashing success

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 22nd, 2019
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Monsters with Attitude has the feeling of a non-serious party game, but it actually has quite a bit of depth to it. So, while the moment-to-moment action might feel like frantic nonsense, it is possible to reliably out-smash your opponents.

If you're looking to dive into this free-to-play cross between Katamari Damacy and kaiju, check out some of the following tips to help you be a force to be reckoned with.

Start in the weeds

The fastest way to grow your monster quickly in Monsters with Attitude is to start destroying lots of the smallest objects. The absolute best way to do this is to focus on fields or solar panels to charge through.

The reason for this is that they don’t slow you down at all and they’re all packed close together. Compared with trees or other small objects, there’s nothing as densely packed as these objects, so try to sniff them out in the early game to get a head start on growing your monster.

Speed is your friend

As you destroy things in a round of Monsters with Attitude, your monster grows larger and more powerful. The trade-off here though is that you also start moving slower. Because your goal in each round is to destroy as much stuff as quickly as possible, you need to find the best way to keep moving quickly even as your monster gets ever bulkier.

A good way to maintain some speed late in a match is to take advantage of your monster's powers. Every monster in the game has a special ability, and no matter what it is or what it does, all of them also give you some kind of speed boost. Whether you're using Rufus with his charge move or Buzz with his burrowing abilities, try activating their abilities regularly, even if you don't need their primary benefit because they can help you move more quickly throughout a match.

Upgrade whenever you can

Inevitably while playing Monsters with Attitude, you'll develop an affinity for one particular monster. This may also lead you to think you should save all of your precious free-to-play currencies for leveling up that one particular monster exclusively, but that would be a mistake.

As it turns out, upgrading monsters or abilities you don’t like or use still contributes to your character level, and increasing your character level raises the starting power of all your monsters. Don’t forget to keep leveling up any and everything you can if you want to stay competitive in this game.

Don’t depend on any one strategy

Matches of Monsters with Attitude follow a predictable pattern, but that doesn't mean there's a specific strategy you should stick with to win. In fact, trying to force a specific strategy over and over again will likely lead to inconsistent performance.

More than anything, Monsters with Attitude is a game about adapting. You need to pay attention to what your opponents are doing or else you won’t do well. Attack when small opponents are near you. If everyone is too smart to come near you, keep focusing on destroying stuff, but stay close to fights to see if you can take advantage. Being opportunistic and tactical is the key to winning, not any one particular approach.

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